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We get a lot of questions on certain topics through our social media channels. Therefore, we have tried to pick out the most common questions below. But if we've missed something, feel free to send us a message and we'll be happy to help.


Can I become a Team Member?

Probably the most frequently asked question on our social media channels is "Can I become a Team Member?"

We currently have a small promo team at Dutch Bait Company that helps us promote Dutch Bait Company the right way. These guys produce very good quality photos and or video content, have a good following on and are very active on social media. This is important for us because social media is our main advertising channel.

So those are primarily the things we look for when we add someone to our promo team. We also look for anglers who stand out from the crowd and know their way around a camera. These skills certainly help us get you noticed in a very crowded Social Media market. More often than not, we will approach anglers who we think will fit our Promo team rather than anglers who approach us. If you want to get noticed by a brand, stay active on social media and hone your camera skills, as these two elements will definitely help.

Can I buy Dutch Bait Company products in shops too?

When we started Dutch Bait Company, we decided to sell directly to the customer; that way we don't have to compromise on the cost of the bait and much more importantly, on the quality of the bait! After all, we do not have to take into account the extra margin the retailer normally wants to make, you now take this advantage in the form of high quality bait at lower prices.

Do I get an extra discount if I order larger volumes?

Yes, the more boilies you buy, the cheaper the price per kilo. The discount can go up to 15% when you order 100kg or more. By the way, you already get 5% discount when you buy 20kg and 15% when you buy 60kg. You can easily indicate this in the selection menu when ordering a boilie. 

When and where should I use which boilie?

The answer is simple, there is no one best! At Dutch Bait Company, every boilie has its own unique composition. Every Dutch Bait boilie has its own unique recipe that responds to the needs of carp in different seasons. 

We have put together a boilie guide to make it a little easier for you, download the guide here.

What is your best boilie?

Another frequently asked question and a difficult one to answer. All the boilies in our range are equally effective, each designed and made with quality ingredients and tried and tested for many years. It comes down to personal preference, whether when you fish, where you fish, will you pre-feed or do you prefer to fish instant anyway! With the 8 boilies in the range, we have a suitable boilie for every situation.

What is the difference between Freezer Baits and Shelf Life Baits?

The answer to this question is simple, the boilies are exactly the same, but the Shelf Life boilies have low levels of food-grade preservative in them. This removes the need to store them in the freezer, as we understand that some anglers do not have freezer space. However, there are also anglers who swear by Freezer Baits, we understand that too. The bottom line is that you can use both variants with complete confidence.

How long will the Shel Life boilies keep?

Obviously, the idea is to enjoy fishing and, of course, catching. Partly for this reason, we have chosen to provide the Shelf Life with a low level of food-grade preservative. This gives them an average shelf life of 3 (fishmeal boilies) to max months 4 (sweet boilies). Furthermore, as far as we are concerned, the quality of the boilie deteriorates when you start preserving more and storing the boilie longer. Either way, the quality of the product will deteriorate.

What is your smallest size boilie?

Currently, the 15mm rounds and especially the 15mm dumbell are the smallest varieties. The rolling ingredients (flours for example behave very differently in a mix than flour products) that we use makes turning these 15mm rounds and 15mm Dumbells an extremely difficult task. We also charge a small mark-up per kg because it is a much more labour-intensive product. We may invest in bespoke rolling systems in the future that will allow us to add even smaller boilies to the range.